Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.
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Integrate your users’ email replies directly into your application.

Postmark makes it easy for you to receive inbound emails from your customers.

Use a pre-made inbound address or set them up with your own domain.

You can use an automatically generated Postmark email address ( or customize your inbound address to use your own domain and enable you to create multiple inbound addresses for each domain.

Being able to handle inbound email as a first-class part of email structure was the main thing. Our email transactions are two-way — it is important that people can both receive and send email to us. Postmark really impressed us with their focus on transactional emails, instead of just broadcasting.

Extensive parsing and spam scoring give you easy-to-use structured JSON.

Postmark converts the email into an orderly bundle of JSON to make it incredibly easy for your application to consume and process the resulting text. The recipients, header, and even a clean version of the text reply are all included.

Postmark has a reputation for high quality. Even though there are several good companies, we were convinced by Postmark’s clear documentation and transparent roadmap. Further, building email infrastructure is really a partnership — we wanted to invest in a platform that would continue to grow along with our needs, not one that was fairly static and falling behind the technology curve.

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  "Headers": [
      "Name": "X-Spam-Status",
      "Value": "No"
      "Name": "X-Spam-Score",
      "Value": "-0.1"
      "Name": "X-Spam-Tests",

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