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Email delivery

Fast email delivery that you can rely on.

Say goodbye to missing or delayed emails.

Do you know how fast your transactional emails are delivered? You need to.

Your customers don’t frantically refresh their inbox waiting for your next newsletter but their password reset email is another story. If it doesn’t hit their inbox instantly, they care, and then they email support.

The extra support burdens your team and hurts your reputation. Your password resets, license keys, account confirmations, and other transactional emails are critical to your business, and it’s imperative that they arrive in your customers’ inboxes immediately.

Delivery costs

Time to inbox right on our status page.

We send a lot of email, but even spammers can claim to send billions. Email delivery is what really matters, and we don’t just claim great delivery. We share our email delivery metrics for transactional email right on our status page.

Speed is at the core of what defines Postmark as email delivery service. Even a 30-second delay to Hotmail addresses gets us out of bed in the middle of the night.

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  • Apple

  • Hotmail

  • AOL

  • Yahoo

Time to Inbox data updated every 5 minutes

Great email delivery is included. It’s our uptime.

Delivery shouldn’t be an add-on or up-charge, and you definitely shouldn’t have to sit through a sales call to get improved email delivery. We believe that every customer deserves great delivery. It’s just part of the deal when you use Postmark. It’s our uptime.

Before, we’d have incidents where inbound emails were delayed by up to 12 hours, and this would happen several times a year. Not only that, but there was little visibility into the state of the problem from our provider, so we experienced a lot of uncertainty and angst. So far, Postmark has only had one minor incident where emails were delayed ~30 minutes, and the messaging around it was extremely clear.

The best at transactional email because we never let them mix with bulk messages.

You might say that Postmark has serious street cred with inbox providers.

To protect the delivery of your transactional emails, it’s crucial to separate them from your bulk or promotional emails. With Message Streams, we’ve built a parallel but completely separate sending infrastructure for these two different types of emails. We don’t let them mix. Ever.

We’re proud to say that makes Postmark the only major email API provider adhering to the email traffic management standard promoted by the world’s most popular inbox providers. And those providers notice, which means that our reputation with ISPs is better and ensures speedier delivery of all your application email.

Learn more about Message Streams

Looking for dedicated IPs?

Because ISPs are placing more weight on the reputation of your domain, our experience has shown that a well-managed set of shared IPs generates the best deliverability for small and mid-size senders.

That said, dedicated IPs can be beneficial for some high volume senders. At Postmark, we’ll work with you to determine if a dedicated IP makes sense for your messages. When the time is right, we can handle warming up the IP to establish a strong reputation with ISPs.

Learn more about dedicated IPs

We were using one of your competitors because they featured a freemium plan. However we were getting complaints on a weekly basis that emails weren’t reaching clients. […] Other than an edge case here or there, since switching to Postmark, our support tickets regarding email delivery have plummeted to zero. That alone makes Postmark worth its weight in gold.

Never lose an email with our global, fast, and secure infrastructure.

We have redundant data centers in multiple locations around the world ensuring you never lose an email. With geographic load balancing, you get the lowest latency and fastest sending for your app. And we keep your data safe and secure with N+2 redundancy, regular security audits, and the latest encryption.

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All the tricky stuff handled so you never have to worry.

We handle IP reputation, blocklists, feedback loops, reverse DNS, and all of the other low level protocols for you. So you can be confident everything is configured correctly to ensure the highest levels of deliverability. Then we make SPF, DKIM, and DMARC incredibly easy to setup to protect your domain and your reputation. Simple instructions. Quick setup. And plenty of guides to help you learn all of the ins-and-outs.

Delayed emails immediately lead to questions popping up from our customers, like ‘I didn’t receive my password reminder link. Why is it so?’ In case an email does not reach our customer’s inbox (which has never been the case with Postmark), it could sometimes cost him losing a deal with his client.

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